What other communities are doing

MARIN COUNTY For a description of Marin County’s successful effort to democratize the decision on desalination, see Marin Voters Take Decision on Desal into their Own Hands Former Marin Water District Conservation Manager, James Fryer’s plan for Marin alternatives to desal should be read by our local water agency managers: Sustaining Our Water Future


Protest in Sidney

LA Times article, “Australian Water Crisis Offers Clues for California”

Article from Adelaide on how Australians are dealing with operating desal plants after recent plentiful rains.


Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station biologist, Carol Reeb’s slide presentation raises important questions about the cumulative impact of planned desalination plants on marine life.

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  1. Mary Webb says:

    Thanks go out to all who are active in this desalination issue statewide. Water districts must enforce and verify water conservation practices, recycling and other means of augmenting water supplies and reducing demand before pursuing this costly technology. Water agencies should post monthly customer billing data at their websites to verify water use and production numbers. Our community in Cambria sponsored Jim Fryer to investigate the Cambria Desalination debacle utilizing 20 years worth of billing data. For full report see http://www.greenspacecambria.org under Critical Issues -Desalination

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