Desal Response Group , a Southern California-based resource on desalination, Conner Everts, Director

Residents for Responsible Desalination a group organized in Southern California

Peak, a news compendium on water issues

IWA, an information resource for the global water community


Food & Water Watch Reports: Desalination, An Ocean of Problems

Sustaining Our Water Future, James Fryer report on Marin options

An Investigation of the Marginal Cost of Seawater Desalination in California, James Fryer

EPA report on water use in the USA

Desalination, Energy Down the Drain by Debbie Cook, Board President, Post-Carbon Institute, and former mayor, Huntington Beach. Debbie has written a recent article, Desalination, Yesterday’s Solution, that discusses the regulatory changes needed to develop a resilient water supply.

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, Myths of California Water, an online slide show

Comparing Price and Non-Price Approaches to Urban Water Conservation, Harvard Environmental Economics Program

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