Plan B

Click on the link below to download the recommendations for increasing Santa Cruz drought security by Desal Alternatives, Surfrider Foundation, Ecological Landscaping Association and WILP.

Recommendations UWMP

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  3. Scotbot says:

    Plan C
    Divert UCSC growth to the alarming growth of vacancies in commercial real estate downtown.
    Really implement a solar PV roof initiative, paired with solar water heat for every house, with extra water storage on the roof… Just as localizing solar power reduces brown outs, adding local water storage to rooftop reduces water shortage.
    Mandate greywater systems.
    Implement an incinerating toilet initiative, to eliminate blackwater creation, and conserve as much as 16 gallons per household (10 flushes). For 10,000 residences, toilet water eliminated per day could be 160,000 gallons.

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