Cost Comparison

Cost to transmit and treat 1 million gallons of water from Loch Lomond reservoir = $170 (Integrated Water Plan, (2003)  p V-6)

Cost of desalinated water = $3600 to $6000 per million gallons (Pacific Institute, Desalination, With a Grain of Salt)
Cost projection for Monterey Regional Desal
= $19,000 per million gallons
(California Public Utilities Commission Division of Ratepayer Advocates

Pre-construction costs:
Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek District have already spent $2 million on a pilot desal plant. In addition, in 2009-2012 the Water Districts are planning to spend $15.5 million on “design, permitting, and other related preconstruction expenses”  (Water Supply Assessment (2009) p 49

Opportunity cost:
The cost to pursue desalination has already committed $17.5 million in funds that might have be spent on conservation.

Santa Barbara Desal Plant, Completed, 1992, Shut down 2months later. Never reopened.

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